Evan Williams Productions

Evan Williams Productions (EWPL) is a multi-award winning independent production company based in London, making investigative current affairs and documentary programmes for broadcasters around the world.


EWPL has a proven passion for bringing important stories - often from the most remote or hostile places - to the screen for broadcasters including PBS (US), Channel 4 (UK), SBS (Australia) and Al Jazeera English. Central to our approach is rigorous journalism, finding compelling and inspiring characters and creative story telling. We often partner with local producers to gain unique access to evidence, events and people, working collaboratively over time to tell powerful human stories.


In 2014 EWPL's first big investigation told the story of the civilians trapped in the middle of Nigeria's fight against Boko Haram. The PBS Frontline version of the film 'The Hunt for Boko Haram' won an Emmy Television Award in the U.S. for 'Outstanding Investigative Journalism in a News Magazine' The original UK version for Channel 4's Dispatches, 'Nigeria's Hidden War', won the Broadcast Magazine Award for Best News and Current Affairs Programme and was runner-up in the Foreign Press Association Awards.


In 2015 EWPL produced segments obtained from inside Islamic State territory for 'Escape from ISIS', a documentary broadcast on Channel 4's Dispatches and PBS Frontline. It revealed the conditions faced by women living inside Islamic State's Caliphate and followed the escape of Yazidi women from there IS captors. The film was nominated for a BAFTA and won the Foreign Press Association Best TV Documentary Feature award, an Amnesty International Award for Best Documentary and the Broadcast Award for Best News and Current Affairs, 2015.


Evan Williams Productions won human rights and New York TV Festival Awards for two half-hour investigations made for Al Jazeera's '101 East' program. One was on the abuse of blasphemy laws in Pakistan, the other on continuing security service persecution of ethnic Tamils and opposition political figures in northern Sri Lanka.


We've developed a reputation for reaching some of the most difficult and at times shocking stories -but it's here we also often find the most uplifting tales of human resilience, courage and spirit.



Evan Williams


Evan Williams has been a print, radio and television journalist for 30 years, now specializing in international TV current affairs programs, documentaries and investigations.


Evan has worked extensively as a Reporter/Producer for Channel 4's award-winning international current affairs strand 'Unreported World', covering stories in Iraq, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Central Asia, Egypt, Jamaica, Pakistan, Myanmar, India and many others.


In a 2006 documentary for Channel 4's Dispatches, Evan spent six weeks inside Burma's jungles with guerrillas from the ethnic Karen National Union as they took emergency supplies deep inside the country to villages that had been attacked and burned out by Burma's army.


Before that he was one of two senior staff reporters with the Australian ABC's flagship international current affairs program Foreign Correspondent.


Between 1992 and 1997 he was the Australian ABC's Bangkok-based South-East Asia correspondent covering more than 10 countries through the region for Radio and Television News and Current Affair.

Evan Williams Productions