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Dispatches: Burma's Nuclear Ambitions

Evan Williams Productions for Channel 4 'Dispatches'


Based on hundreds of files smuggled out of the country over three years, this investigation reveals how Burma's ruling Generals had attempted the early stages of trying to start a nuclear program. It had long been suspected that Burma has been pursuing a nuclear programme but now, for the first time, we revealed evidence of how, where and why they are pursuing this goal. With a combination of high quality colour photographs taken from the military's own top secret files, expert analysis and witness accounts. Experts agree Burma was a long way from achieving its goals. Before the Democratic spring now enjoyed in Burma, this ground-breaking information revealed the military's paranoia and gave us a glimpse into the minds of the Burmese military. Fearing attack from the United States and an uprising by their own people, Burma was trying to become the next nuclear-armed North Korea.


Produced and Directed by Evan Williams for the Democratic Voice of Burma.

Executive Producer Aye Chan Naing

Editor Ali Fowle

Al Jazeera Special Investigation

First Aired: 2010

Evan Williams Productions