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Unreported World: Dancing in the Danger Zone

Channel 4 'Unreported World' QuickSilver Media


In Dancing in the Danger Zone, Reporter Evan Williams and Director Marcel Mettelsiefen meet the extraordinary young dancers and musicians at Iraq's only music and ballet school, who are battling to keep their art alive against the rising tide of sectarian violence in Baghdad.

Up to 200 people are killed by car bombs and assassinations in Baghdad every week. With violence growing across Iraq, Leezan is just one of many students who risks their lives every day just to attend the school. Women's rights are increasingly being quashed as extreme religious fundamentalism takes hold in the streets of Baghdad.


Reporter Evan Williams

Producer/ Director Marcel Mettelsiefen

Quicksilver Media for Channel 4 Unreported World

First Aired 18 April 2014

Evan Williams Productions